Regal-Beloit Flight Service, Inc. is the corporate flight department of Regal-Beloit Corporation, a publicly held manufacturer of electrical and mechanical motion control products. The Company has owned and operated aircraft for over twenty-five years. Our flight department's primary mission is to provide safe and secure transportation for our Company personnel and charter customers.

The flight department was awarded an Air Carrier Certificate in 1987 to enhance the safety of flight. Our first customers were associate corporations doing business with our parent group. Over time we developed a flight crew training curriculum that surpasses the rigorous airline standards. Our flight department has stayed small with one aircraft and two full time pilots. We found that a small group was more cost effective and offered a more consistent level of service. Our customers always fly on the same airplane, with the same flight crew.

I hope you will consider our flight department for your next trip. You will find our rates are competitive. All price quotes have guaranteed flight times, airport landing/parking and crew fees. You see the total cost including, Federal Excise Tax and Segment fees.

Greg Johnson
Chief Pilot